Getting to and around Bruny Island

Bruny Island lies approx 70km SE of Hobart and is accessed by vehicular ferry which leaves from Kettering. Bruny Ferry - Brad Moriarty - Pademelon Creative - Bruny Island Bird Festival

Ferry Times

The Bruny Island ferries depart from Kettering approx 45 mins travel time south of Hobart.
Bookings are not currently required. Fares are payable at Kettering (includes return crossing).  
Payment can be made by card or cash.

Click here for the current timetable 

Travel times by car on the Island

Please note that many destinations below will involve sections of unsealed roads.
(Let your hire car company know you are coming to Bruny, they may need you to fill out extra paperwork)
Hobart to Kettering Ferry                              45 mins
Kettering Ferry to Roberts Point Ferry         15 mins (Ferry crossing)
Roberts Point Ferry to Dennes Point            30 mins
Roberts Point Ferry to Adventure Bay          40 mins
Roberts Point Ferry to Cloudy Bay               60 mins
Roberts Point Ferry to Lunawanna               45 mins
Roberts Point Ferry to Inala                          50 mins
Adventure Bay to Dennes Point                   45 mins
Adventure Bay to Cloudy Bay                      40 mins via Alonnah
Adventure Bay to Lighthouse                       50 mins via Alonnah
Adventure Bay to Lunawanna                      25 mins via Alonnah
Adventure Bay to Inala                                 30 mins via Alonnah
Dennes Point to Lighthouse                         75 mins

There is no public transport or taxi service on Bruny Island.

If you would like to talk to other attendees of the festival and possible arrange lifts from Hobart or between events, there is a Festival Facebook Group you can join and make connections.